Carlos Koschitzky


It begins  in the music industry with the single “Hey Pijo” of the “Rap’in Madrid” compilation which is a reference in Spanish Hip Hop.


In these three years as a mixing engineer, recording engineer and sound designer at Cybertrips Studios, he made more than 130 advertising ads, with which he won two awards for the best peacock sound for Playstation Cemetery in 2000, also awarded at the New York advertising festival, and I want TV Chuky year 2001. This season he started in the art of mastering doing his first work for Nacho Sotomayor in the albums of La Roca, volumes 1, 2 and 3.


It delves into the world of programming and sequences by performing the following works:

•Hevia “Etnico ma non tropo” 2003

•Celtas cortos “C’est La Vie” 2003

•Marlango “Marlango” 2004

•Hevia “Obsession” 2004

•Monjes budistas “Live mantra” 2007


During this time he also performs mixing and mastering works:

•Mastering for “El musical juguetes y sueños”

•Mixing and Mastering for the BSO “ El calentito” by Chus Gutierrez

•Mixing and Mastering the documentary film “El tren de la memoria” music by Ramon Prada.

•Live sound short films “Selección natural” and “Catarsis” by Daniel Chamorro

•Collaboration with the show “Encantados” by Paloma San Basilio & José Luis cobos

•Recording and mixing the album “Un rayo de luz” for AISGE foundation, actors disc.

•Mixing for Blanca Li shows “Solstice” “Elektrokif” & “Déesses et Démones”

•Sound for the film “Elektrik” by Blanca Li

•Mixing and Mastering for the principal track of the musical “El intérprete”

In 2006 he ends up associating with Cristian Varela and opened the “MasterStudio” where he specialized in electronic music mastering, being A&R of the “Pornographic Recordings” and “DonkeyHead” labels and where he made all the Masterings for them, which includes artists such as: Cristina Varela, Carl Cox, Joseph Capriati, Jon Rundel, Eric Sneo, Axel Karakasis, Gary Beck, Stefano Norferini, Filteheadz, Steve Mulder, Hollen, Steve Mulder, Stefano Noferini, Hollen, Filterheadz, Umek, Gary Beck and many more.

In 2014 he also started teaching at the CEV high school of communication, image and sound, instructing mixing and recording classes and as a Bachelor Degree professor in the music production grade, accredited by the Teesside University in England.

In 2016 after 10 years working side by side with Cristian Varela, he set up his own studio, “Koschitzky-Mastering”.

It is in this period that he consolidates himself as a Mastering engineer specialized in electronic music and since then, he has performed Mastering for world-renowned artists and labels.

At this time, as a teacher, he never give up instructing at The Bass Valley (Gijón - Spain) and also at a particular level.